Discount please?

I love a bargain. I’ve already mentioned that once or twice. When I’m shopping online, I search for coupon codes and anything else that will help me pay the least amount possible.  My latest deal was 47% off. I would’ve liked more, but, I’ll take what I can get! Layering several discount codes, along with a sale ended up putting a smile on my face.

What I’m talking about in this post though, is store discounts. Coupons, loyalty cards, and rebate checks are all fantastic. I think we can all agree on that. Sometimes the most effective thing you can do is simply to ask. (This used to be really hard for me. I tend to be on the shy side. I don’t like causing a fuss. I have worked really hard to try and overcome some of my social anxieties. It has been a difficult challenge, but I’m working on it.) I will let you in on a secret here. Retailers are more willing to give you a discount if you pay cash. Even a few dollars saved is better than nothing.

True example #1:  A few months ago I was shopping at The Guitar Center. I have never been in one before, and it was glorious! Any of you who know me knows that any kind of music store is classified as a candy store in my eyes. (Well, that and office supplies. We’ll leave that for another post… I promise!) I had a few things in mind and tried to find the best sales in the store. The sales gal that helped me was amazing. She answered all my questions with patient expertise. I picked out some incredible items that will aid in my musical endeavors. As she rang up my items I asked her if there were any promos or deals that she could hook me up with. She hesitated, but as I felt her hesitatation, I grabbed my wallet, and pulled out a stack of cash. “I’m paying with cash. Could there be a deal associated with that?”. I smiled as sweetly as I could. She said she would have to call a manager to see if he could approve a promotion they had going. He came over, heard her account, saw my cash, and gave me an additional 50% my entire purchase. That question saved me $200. Seriously!  I was ecstatic! It was all I could do to keep it together until I walked out the front doors. THEN I did the happy dance. It never would have happened if I hadn’t asked. I’m positive that paying in cash helped my case as well. Credit cards cost their company money. Cash is cash… no strings attached.

True example #2: Last December, I was doing some last minute Christmas shopping for work. (This will also be a post for a later time!) One of the items on my list was a laptop.  I was at my local Fred Meyer, as there isn’t a lot of electronics stores in my area, to look at some sale items I had seen. I found two that I thought would work. One however, wasn’t within my budget. I really wanted that one, but, I just couldn’t afford it. As the cashier was ringing up my purchase, I asked about any extra coupons or deals. He grabbed an in store coupon that dropped the price by an extra 25%. As I marveled in the added savings, it occurred to me that I could actually get the other laptop that I really wanted, with that coupon. I ever so kindly apologized, but asked if I could get the other laptop instead, cringing as I knew he would have to void out the existing transaction and get a manager override. (Remember, I hate making a fuss!) He was super nice about it, and I ended up with the much better unit… with one penny to spare in my budget. YES!!

You may not always get additional savings, but how will you know if you don’t ask? A little advice here… being polite will go a lot farther than rudeness. Honestly, who would you be more willing to give a discount to? The friendly person kindly asking if there’s a discount, or a rude, demanding person? Think of all the crap customer service people go thru. Enough said.


Want your extra savings?  Get out there and ask for it! You’ll be amazed how often you can make that happen!



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