New Year, New Resolutions

Happy New Year friends! I am hoping that 2018 was a good year for all of you. It was a decent year for me. A lot of things happened… some good, some bad. I really want 2019 to be MY year. I want to make things happen for me. I am determined.


Just like so many of you, I am jumping on the new year’s resolution bandwagon. Most years I don’t do the resolution thing. This year is different. I want 2019 to represent the start of something incredible… a journey towards self love, self improvement, and a more relaxed, stress free home environment. I am so eager for this journey, that I started purging my closet as I was waiting for 2019 to arrive.

Resolution #1 – Eating better/healthier – Don’t get me wrong. I am not a complete junk food consumer. I admit, however, that I thoroughly enjoy chocolate, cookies, and a nice assortment of candies. I like fruits and vegetables, although I need to make a more conscious effort to grab an apple in lieu of some sugar filled goody.  Part of the goal is to simply eat more salad… with healthier salad dressing included. I love ranch dressing, and I love bleu cheese as well. I discovered a lovely, simple, healthier dressing the other night while I was at my friends’ house for a party- a delicious vinaigrette consisting of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and Dijon mustard. WHY HAVE I NEVER KNOWN ABOUT THIS? I’m hooked! I make my own croutons with homemade bread, olive oil, and a dash of garlic salt. Sounds pretty simple, right? I’M READY!

Resolution #2 – Letting the negativity go – This one has a few layers to it. Not only is my goal to not let negativity and bad things throughout my day bring me down, but I am going to try harder to keep negative comments to myself. I think it’s good to let my aggression and frustration out, but I will do that in private… that place may be in my office, my car, the restroom… that doesn’t matter, as long as I am not bringing others down with me. I will let it out, and then I will let it go.

Resolution #3 – Exercising – For much of last year, I had a good routine going with my treadmill. Then, my foot surgery happened, and I haven’t been able to do much since the beginning of October. My foot still bothers me, since I still am having some pretty routine bouts of swelling. I am not looking to run a marathon. I just want to spend 30 – 45 minutes on my treadmill a minimum of three days per week. That should be doable.

Resolution #4 – Purge my belongings – As I mentioned in my last post, I am ready to get rid of stuff! My goal this year is to have half of my belongings leave my home. I want the clutter to go away. I want to make my home more relaxing… a place of calm. I went through my entire closet this evening and I’m pretty sure nearly half is going to go away! Success! Some will be put up for sale on various sights, and what is left will be set aside for a garage sale this spring. My objective is to focus on one room every three weeks (or two weeks, depending on the size of the room), and clean from top to bottom… inside and out, getting rid of the non necessities, and nicely arranging what’s left. Yessssssss.

What goals have you set for yourself for 2019? Health? Happiness? Determination? Whatever your resolutions are for this new year, I wish you all the success you desire.

RR tracks 2019

Happy New Year!              LET’S MAKE THIS THE BEST YEAR EVER!


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